Red/Green Tracer Combo Package


Piney Mountain Red/Green Tracer Combo Package

This combo package includes a brick of 10 boxes with 5 green and 5 red boxes.  Best way to order a mix of both colors.

  • .22 Long Rifle
  • 40 Grain Lead Round Nose Bullet
  • 1070 fps
  • 50 Round Box

Warnings: We recommend inspecting and cleaning your weapons before and after use. Tracer ammo can and will start fires. Know your backstop and beyond. Do not use in dry, windy conditions. Know your weapon and its limitations. Hearing and eye production are suggested. Lead is known to cause birth, defects, reproductive harm, and other serious injury. Wash thoroughly after handling. Keep out of the reach of children. Beware of ricochets. Our tracer ammunition uses a hollow based bullet that contains a pyrotechnic composition similar to a flare. When fired , the smokeless powder in the cartridge ignites the tracer composition. They are non corrosive and will not harm your barrel or firearm. *Please note that we cannot ship to CA, Mass, NYC and Chicago. Illinois